Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Want to automate your business process, secure important data, improve decision-making and cut down every unnecessary expense? We, at Space-O Technologies, are dedicated to developing advanced internet of things apps and solutions to transform your business.

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Internet of Things Solutions & Development

Today, Internet of Things has gone from being just another concept to a brilliantly woven digital revolution that has impacted our daily lives. This advanced technology connects people, machines, processes, and systems onto one technology-enabled network. A number of enterprises and organizations are ready to unleash the potential of this powerful technology that will redefine the way we interact with other humans, machines, and devices.

Space-O Technologies offers technologically advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and application, allowing your business to get maximum benefits of IoT technology. Here, we build apt IoT solutions that are dependent on the nature of need, and the extensiveness of the enterprise.


“Shot Stats” – an IoT-based Application Developed by Us

Our IoT expert team has successfully developed sports tracker device, called Shot Stats, connected with a mobile app to track a tennis players’ performance, after every session.

The device’s Spin feature helps users to collect data by the wearable device, showing how much did the tennis ball spin and in which patterns and styles. Focusing on delivering the options from where one can see specific statistics on peculiar styles they have practiced, including Overhead, Backhands, Forehands, and Serves.

Advantages of IoT Solutions

Advantages of IoT Solutions & Application

Adopting IoT solutions and application can benefit your business in many ways like

  • Real-time effective decision making
  • Automated and optimized processes
  • Enhanced processes in complex scenarios
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Improved marketing automation
  • Smart and enhanced supply chain
  • Better revenue generation

Different IoT Services We Offer

IoT Consultancy

We offer IoT consultingour experienced IoT consultants. Want to get your free consultation? Contact us now.

IoT Solutions

Our IoT app developers will help you to get a right IoT solution and architecture for your business. We deliver flexible strategies, blended with high-security to manage new and diverse IoT devices.

IoT Architecture Development

We work side-by-side with our clients to know the exact architect needed to connect their devices seamlessly.

IoT Module Development

Once, you choose the right technology, we will help you to develop specific IoT module for your business, helping you to reach your goal and make the most of IoT technology.

IoT Testing

Our IoT experts offers advance quality IoT testing service, ensuring that devices/system connected operate based on the data that is available. We ensure security, performance and compatibility, making our solution bug-free.

Support & Maintenance

We have a technical team. This team will assist you, in case, if you have any confusion or question regarding the solution.

Industries We Serve



IoT solutions are transforming the logistics and transportation industry from supply chain logistics to public transit. IoT solutions can be used in transportation to enhance business in a number of ways.



IoT technology in healthcare has the potentiality of lifesaving to improve patient’s quality of life and enable self-monitoring and management of health.



Today, manufacturers are making a right use of IoT technology to optimize their processes, monitor equipment, and do preventative and predictive maintenance on the equipment. Know we can help your manufacturing business with IoT.



Our developed IoT solutions can help agriculture industry by using smart sensors to remotely monitor and control pumps and equipment and monitoring chemical levels. Get in touch with us to know more about IoT for the agriculture industry.



IoT technology provides number of opportunities for retailers to boost the supply chain efficiencies, develop new services and reshape the customer experience.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Residential and commercial buildings can take advantage of IoT devices. They can facilitate resource and energy optimization with devices like smart heating systems, refrigerators, connected security and other with other devices.

IoT Projects & Solutions Developed by Us


Syrmo icon

A Smart pad that tracks your session trick

Syrmo is the first smart motion tracker for your skateboard, helping you to capture your best tricks and share it with friends!

Shotstats icon

Revolutionize your tennis game

A sensor that instantly analyzes your tennis swing like never before. You can track it with a mobile application.

Tempi icon

The smart way to monitor temperature

Tempi is a simple Bluetooth device that provides accurate temperature and humidity data on your smartphone.

Token icon

Automatic Entry System For Paid Parking Lots

Ezepark is the most advanced parking management solution, including Bluetooth-controller, mobile app, iBeacon and web system that help parking owners to automate their parking lots access.

Hypervibe icon

Interactive Mobile App With Vibration Machines Through Bluetooth LE

HyperVibe is an interactive mobile application with vibration machines, allowing users to get control of the vibration machine with 38 exercise programs, featuring over 100 exercise videos.

Serial2BLE icon

An IoT based Special Adapter Device For Military Laser Rangefinder

Serial2BLE Converter is an IoT-based special adapter device that allows to re-transfer data from a Serial Port wire connection to mobile app through Bluetooth LE. This device can be used with military laser rangefinder.

IoT Application Development Process We Follow

We have invented a unique and workable IoT development process that helps us cater to your needs and build applications that suit your business purpose.


Everything begins with an idea. If your idea is strong, it will be developed into an Internet of Things application. At the ideation stage, we tend to define the roadmap by gathering requirements, comprehending your goal, and take feedback from your customers.


After the ideate stage, we move forward to the prototype. We build prototypes for your IoT application to give you an idea of how it will look, and what will be connected where.


Once the macro-level strategy has been defined, we start building the architecture at the micro level. We detail out the end-to-end blueprints and converge them with cloud, mobile, and analytics for the best results.

Design & Development

Once the architecture and the micro level connections have been defined, we start with the actual design process. We start coding the applications and developing the software.


It is incomplete if it has not been tested properly. We use the agile methodology to ensure development and testing of sprints. We ensure completely tested applications for your enterprise.


We keep the applications under scrutiny, and keep monitoring and evaluating them, to make advancements and improvements as required.

Why Hire Space-O Technologies for Your IoT Needs?

At Space-O Technologies, we have an experienced team of IoT developers, who offers advanced quality IoT solutions to suffice your business requirements. Here, we have been providing IoT consulting, IoT Architecture, Module Development and Testing Services with a roadmap to transform your business into the smart enterprise.

Our client-centric approach allows us to give you dynamic solutions to enhance your customer satisfaction and requirements. Space-O has already helped enormous clients worldwide by unlocking the real power of the Internet of Things and how this technology can help their business to transform.

So, if you have decided to go smart with the Internet of Things development, get in touch with us for the optimal solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to develop an app for IoT, but unaware of the required steps I should take.

Don’t worry, we are a leading Internet of Things app development company and dedicated to offering technologically advanced IoT solutions and applications, allowing you to get maximum benefits of this technology. Just share your requirements with us and our IoT experts will suggest the best possible solution for your business.

Is there any process you follow to keep my app idea confidential?

Yes, of course. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our all clients to ensure that their shared app idea is safe and secure with us.

Do I own the ownership and the code of my application?

Yes, the ownership and the code of your IoT application and software solution will belong to you. We will not have any right on the code of your app. In case, if you want a partnership or joint venture, then there will other options for you.

How many IoT mobile apps have been developed by you?

We have developed over 30 IoT mobile apps and software solutions. Here are some of our popular and successful IoT mobile apps:

  • Syrmo
  • MyTempi
  • Hypervibe

Here, you can explore all the IoT app development projects that we have successfully handled.

Do you have flexible hiring models for IoT apps development?

Yes, we offer different hiring options, including fixed, hourly, dedicated and on-site team hiring models, so we will be suggesting the one that best meets your project requirements.

How you allocate the resources for my Internet of Things development project?

Depending on your app’s idea and the selected hiring model, we will be allocating the best sources for your IoT software development project.

Can I select my team for my IoT app development project on my own?

Yes, of course. You can select your own team of the internet of things developers, designers, and quality analysts as per your preference and requirement. We will be sharing resumes of the selected IoT programmers and other required team members. From these resumes, you can select them, take interviews (if require) and they will work dedicatedly on your project.

Will I be getting a regular update from you about my project?

Yes, we assign one project manager who will be sharing regular updates with you about the project progress. In case of any query, you can feel free to ask him.

Do you use any project management tool to manage my project?

Yes, we will be using the Basecamp project management tool that we will share with you. Through this tool, you will be stay updated with your project progress on a daily basis.

Will you assist me to launch my IoT app on the App Stores?

Yes, we will deploy your IoT app on the App Stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store) as our mobile app development process. So, don’t worry about the app deployment part, we will take care of it.

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

Yes, we will be giving 3-months free technical support after we deliver the project to you. In case, if you face any technical issue, feel free to communicate with us.

Appreciation From Clients


Douglas Laver


The Space-O team were great to work with. Every part of the process went as per the agreed schedule, and the finished prototype met, and in most cases, exceeded my expectations. While Space-O wasn’t the most price competitive of the quotes I received, the quality of their work, professionalism, and product, was well worth the additional cost. Highly recommend, and will continue to use their services for future projects.



United Kingdom

They performed in all aspects excellently. They have given well-appreciated discounts at various stages of the project and also with suggestions that saved cost. When it comes to delivering, they were always ahead of time. We don’t know how they do that but that’s very impressive. Their agility and customer support is on a different level, well appreciated.


Ashton Asherian


Space-O Technologies showed genuine interest in the project. The efficient team delivered quality results at a cost-effective price. We wanted to develop a minimum viable product that would be ready for scalability. It was a great experience working with them. We are so happy that we had the chance to meet Space-O. We love their work. Their project management and structure were amazing. The team loved what they were doing. There was passion behind every single piece of work.