Want to Develop House Cleaning App? 3 Tips to Consider for Developing a Successful Cleaning Service App

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The on demand economy is a gold mine that gives returns to every business in the long run. With the advent of Uber like apps, a whole new genre of laundry apps, at-home beauty apps, and now even house cleaning service is making its move towards profitability. Herein we have curated 3 tips that you as a home service provider should consider to develop house cleaning app.

Between busy schedules, activities of kids, list of laundry errands, not to forget followed with an actual laundry service. There are other house chores that take a back seat like dish washing, the burned-out light bulb in the hallway, the overflowing trash, the floor crunches while walking, and a pungent smell from the fridge that needs to be exterminated.

Now, in this instant service genre, no one has time to streamline their house cleaning routine. What if your app gives them the liberty to find a housekeeper, schedule them as per the house cleaning needs, pay them via online transaction, and get their cleaning chores done.

With the increase in the adoption of technology comes the increase in online mobile booking services. Thus, with your cleaning service app, you will provide Gen Z with a more modern and simplified way to buy as well as schedule professional cleaning services at the doorsteps.

There is an increase in the home service industry with the advent of home service mobility solutions. According to a report from Verified Market Research, the Global Home Services Market was valued at USD 281.65 Billion in 2018. It is expected to witness a growth of 18.91% from 2019-2026 and reach USD 1,133.40 Billion by 2026.

According to a report from CB Insights, there are many on demand home service startups who are aiming to offer convenient Uber house cleaning services. Here are some of the best house cleaning apps, which are flourished in the past few years.

develop house cleaning app

According to Technavio, the global contract cleaning service market has the potential to grow by USD 90.01billion during 2020-2024. Throughout the forecast period, the market is accelerated and is said to grow at an annual growth rate of almost 5%. 

Being in the leading on demand app solutions service, we have provided many businesses with apt mobility solutions. Our team of developers is all set to bring the on-demand apps revolution to the many industries that need immediate provisioning of goods and services. In fact, our team of on-demand app developers has already developed over 40 on-demand solutions for varied industries.

From apps like Glovo, Bevy, to Ninja Delivery, we have successfully contributed to the mobile app world. Our developed apps are covered by TechCrunch, Digital Trends, BBC, Express. Without doing any further due, have a look at the curated tips that you can consider to develop house cleaning app.

3 Tips House Service Providers Should Consider to Develop House Cleaning App

  1. Allow easy booking, scheduling, and rescheduling the house cleaners

    The house chores are never-ending. 

    There are always some tiny tit-bits left behind like a running tap, fixing a ceiling fan, feeding a cat or a dog. In today’s world, people are after managing their economical shift, but one thing that remains constant is their house responsibilities.

    If you are planning to develop house cleaning app, you need to understand the urgency of the house getting cleaned. According to our research at Space-O Technologies, the search results for “house cleaning services” is increasing with every passing day. This shows the interest of people is accelerating towards convenience at their doorsteps.

    develop house cleaning app

    To design a user-friendly on demand house service app, the ‘booking’ functionality has to be flexible. For easy navigation, you can include an in-app calendar that can be used for scheduling and rescheduling the house cleaners as per the convenient time and date.

    Pro Tip: Integrate a rescheduling functionality without any additional charges. This will improve online engagement. You can also include ‘set up regular cleans’ where online users can look at a cleaner’s past work and choose their favorites for regular work or tie-up on an in-app contract basis.

  2. Review the work of Uber for maids through photos and ratings

    You need to have a cleaning app with professional house cleaners. Professional services are ones where the service providers are well-mannered, finish the work neatly, and follow the particular points mentioned in the app by the end-user. 

    How can an online user trust your platform?

    For that, you need to include real-time photos or videos of them working. This will make your cleaning service application reliable and trustworthy. There are apps like Tidy, Miso that allows users to check a cleaner’s work by ratings, reviews, and photos.

    If you want to be the best house cleaning app, win your user’s trust by disclosing every step of your cleaning process. You can also include before-after photos of a room, a client’s testimonial and also your cleaner’s satisfactory work review.

  3. Provide your users with real-time tracking of the maid

    The integration of a real-time GPS tracker lets the users know the exact status of the house cleaners. For instance, if a user is planning to go round the corner to finish some of his random chores, he can easily track the timing of the cleaner. They can easily note the arrival and departure time of the cleaners with the help of a geolocation tracker.

    With the in-app notification alerts, you can keep the users notify on the cleaner’s status. And thus, without opening the on demand house cleaning mobile app, they can be engaged in the app. It is similar to developing an Uber clone app, with a specific in-app driver tracking functionality.  

Have an Uber for House Cleaning App Idea? 

You have just gone through with the important tips as a core area, which you need to consider during Uber for house cleaning apps development. If you want to stand out from your competitors and make more profit, then it is high time to create an app for on-demand solutions for the cleaning business.

If you are having an idea of Uber for cleaning services and want to validate your app development, then you can cross-verify it with us. We’re a leading mobile app development company with a diverse on demand app development portfolio

Also, we have already developed over 20 diverse features and functionalities such as multi-lingual support, payment gateway integration, GPS real-time tracking, social media integration, image gallery, and visual calendar. 

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Author Bio – This blog is written with the help of Bhaval Patel, who is the vice president at Space-O Technologies. He has expertise in the Uber like apps and guided to develop over 50 apps like Uber with unique features and the latest technologies.

Author Bio
Bhaval Patel
Bhaval Patel

Bhaval Patel is a Director (Operations) at Space-O Technologies. He has 20+ years of experience helping startups and enterprises with custom software solutions to drive maximum results. Under his leadership, Space-O has won the 8th GESIA annual award for being the best mobile app development company. So far, he has validated more than 300 app ideas and successfully delivered 100 custom solutions using the technologies, such as Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, PHP, RoR, IoT, AI, NFC, AR/VR, Blockchain, NFT, and more.