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Our team of iOS developers developed the QR Reader & Barcode app. You can use this app to scan QR codes and Barcodes of any product and get complete details like product information, images, and pricing. You can also generate your own custom QR codes using this QR/Barcode scanner app.

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App Details

  • Country: Ireland
  • Integrations: Barcode Lookup APIs
  • Category: Utility
  • Language: Swift 5
  • Platform: iOS
  • App Store Rating: 4.6/5
  • App Store Reviews: 2.2k
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and required iOS11.0 or above


Our team of developers developed an efficient QR/barcode app. This app scans the QR/barcode of any product- whether utility, food product, or software products. This is an iOS app available on Apple App Store with 2.2k reviews and 4.6/5 star rating. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 11.0 or above.

You can use this best QR code scanner app to scan a product and get all the product details like name, image, price, manufacturing details. When you subscribe to the PRO version of this QR reader, another feature gets unlocked- called the batch scan feature. Using this feature you can scan QR codes in multiple numbers in one go.

This QR scanner app supports various QR formats viz. QR code, UPC, EAN ISBN, Quick Code, Code39, Code128, Data Matrix, and EQS. Using this QR scanner app, you can also create custom QR codes for over 16 code types including URL, calendar, text, phone number, WhatsApp, Spotify, and Instagram profiles.

Our Client and His Project Requirements

Based in Ireland, our client owns a successful app publishing firm. He is one of our regular clients for whom we have developed other apps like PDF scanner as well.

He has a passion for new apps and unique solutions for day to day utility problems. He also actively reviews Apple AppStore apps to find out which the most in-demand apps and what do they lack. He found out that QR code and barcode scanning apps are trending.

However, anyone QR barcode scanner app doesn’t have all the functionality and features that a user needs. So, he decided to develop the best and easy to use QR code scanner app to help users find details about products and can read barcodes as well. Another unique feature he required was the function to generate unique QR codes for various content types.

Client Requirement

Solution We Provided to Our Client

We comprehended our client’s requirements and started our work. We developed an easy to use and efficient app that people don’t even need to know how to scan QR codes.

This QR code scanner and barcode scanner scans QR codes and barcodes to provide the app users with the needed information. For this, we used Barcode Lookup APIs and gigantic databases sourced from big retailers and e-commerce sites all over the world.

We made sure that the users can also store their scanned QR codes and barcode for future use. Further, they can also create and share their custom QR codes that users generate themselves. These QR codes can be of different colors and content types, as available in the app. The app is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish languages.

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Key Features We Integrated

Scanning QR Code
Scanning QR Code

This QR code reader app lets you scan and valid QR code of your choice. This feature uses the QR scanner functionality and shows you all the specifications of any product or content type. You can view information like product name, store pricing, photographs, and manufacturing details. You can also store your scanned QR codes and barcodes.

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner

By either scanning barcodes or by typing the barcode number into the app, you will get information about millions of products worldwide. We sourced barcode details from big retailers and e-commerce sites all over the world and created a gigantic database. Every time you scan a barcode or number, details are fetched from this database.

QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator

If you have subscribed to the QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner app, you can make and share unlimited custom QR codes. Choose any color combination for the code as per your choice. You get to choose from 16 different content types for which you can generate a code. This includes MeCard, calendar, email address, URL, and text.


As mentioned, after scanning any code, you can store these into different folders as per your choice. You can conveniently organize and retrieve your scanned and created QR codes as well as barcodes. You can store these QR codes and barcodes in folders like Weblinks, Email addresses, Instagram, Whatsapp, Text, MeCards, and so on.

Scan History
Scan History

Another feature that we integrated for the user’s ease is Scan History. This feature lets you scan your history according to categories. All the searched results are stored and sorted by categories like Weblink, Texts, Phone Number, or Email Address. You can delete or organize the scan results. Also, put them in folders that you can create for easy storage.


This is a unique feature of this QR scanner app. Along with searching in the app, you can do an online search for any product using the barcode/ QR code. You can use advanced search options like search on Google search, Google Shopping, or Amazon eCommerce site. You can find product details and also shop for it on these shopping sites.

Batch Scan
Batch Scan

Scanning one QR code or barcode at a time, when you have 20 to do, can be time-consuming. If you want to scan multiple QR or barcodes in one go, you can use this feature. Using this feature, you can scan QR codes in multiple batches. The speed for scanning QR codes increases and you get results in one go. You need a subscription PRO version to use it.


This feature makes retrieval of your scanned codes extremely easy with just a click. You can find any QR code or barcode from the Scan History section using the filter feature. You can apply filters like ‘From date’-‘To date’ and the type of scans like Web links, Email Adress, Barcode, Message, Phone Number, Text, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, and Spotify.

App lock
App lock

We integrated the feature of App lock into the QR code scanner app as we believe security as our top priority for any app we develop. The feature lets you create a secure password for your own QR code reader app. You need to enter this code every time you want to open the app. This way, this pin protects your details in the app from intruders.


This QR code/ Barcode reader app comes into versions- free and paid. The free QR app has limited access to features and lets you scan only 3 QR codes a day. You can have the paid version called the PRO version by subscribing with weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. This version unlocks various features like generating unlimited QR codes and Batch scans.

iOS App Development

The client wanted an iOS app only. We assigned two iOS developers with 2+ years of experience for this project. Both the developers dived into research to understand the working of a Barcode and QR code scanning app. They needed libraries that can help look up such codes and provide product information. They used Barcode Lookup APIs for this function.

They also developed a feature to generate QR codes with different foreground and background colors using code libraries in the backend using PHP. The entire development was completed within 4 months with all the features, testing, and deployment of the app.

iOS App Development

Technology Stack

Swift 5

Programming Language:

Swift 5






Core data-iOS, MySQL- Web/PHP

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4.6/5 star rating on App Store

This app has received over 2.2K reviews from users all around the world. These reviewers have given an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store. This app has received a lot of positive feedback from the reviewers because of its functionality and ease.

Accurate Results

This app has made it easier to get information on any product by scanning the QR code or barcode. When you scan any code you can rest assured that you will get accurate results. In fact, our users have compared the same QR codes with other apps and received accurate results here.

Accurate Results Generate QR Codes

This app lets the users design their own QR codes with different color combinations and for 16 different content types including URL, social media profiles, phone numbers, and email addresses. Users can share these custom made QR codes with their family and friends.


In the portfolio, we have explained which fonts we used, how we designed this app and about all the features of the app through app screens. Want to check it out?

Appreciation from Clients


Douglas Laver


The Space-O team were great to work with. Every part of the process went as per the agreed schedule, and the finished prototype met, and in most cases, exceeded my expectations. While Space-O wasn’t the most price competitive of the quotes I received, the quality of their work, professionalism, and product, was well worth the additional cost. Highly recommend, and will continue to use their services for future projects.



United Kingdom

They performed in all aspects excellently. They have given well-appreciated discounts at various stages of the project and also with suggestions that saved cost. When it comes to delivering, they were always ahead of time. We don’t know how they do that but that’s very impressive. Their agility and customer support is on a different level, well appreciated.


Ashton Asherian


Space-O Technologies showed genuine interest in the project. The efficient team delivered quality results at a cost-effective price. We wanted to develop a minimum viable product that would be ready for scalability. It was a great experience working with them. We are so happy that we had the chance to meet Space-O. We love their work. Their project management and structure were amazing. The team loved what they were doing. There was passion behind every single piece of work.