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Game Set Stat is the best tennis point tracker app for iPhone and Apple Watch, enabling users to maintain all their past and current match details along with complete information like date, time, match status with set 1, set 2 and set 3. This tennis tracker app captures the score via the Apple Watch and syncs the data in the application in real-time.

Using this tennis scorekeeper app, tennis players can view and analyze their pro-level match stats on their iPhone at the end of the match. When starting a new match, users just need to launch the app on their Apple Watch and start capturing data about each point that they play. The application will send back point data to users iPhones in real-time.

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Key Features of
Game Set Stat App


Real-time tracking of past and current matches

Tennis players can track and maintain data of all the past and current matches along with complete information like date, time, opponent’s name, matches with set 1, 2, and 3. Users can maintain the history and accordingly plan for the next match.



Real-time syncing of data

This best tennis app for tracking scores and matches syncs the data in real-time with the iPhone. Whenever the player updates the point or any data in the Apple Watch, the app automatically updates it on the iPhone.

Real-time syncing of data in iPhone


Custom format

Tennis players can create custom tennis format that they can play with their friends and tennis partner. They can update the score, review the game and keep improving accordingly using this tennis activity tracker app.

Custom format feature in Game Set Stat app


Cloud backup

This tennis scorekeeper app stores all your data and information related to your matches on the cloud, so your data is completely safe and secure. If the app user uninstalls the app for a particular time, the data related to their matches, scores, and status will be saved on the cloud, so the user doesn’t need to worry.

cloud backup feature in Game Set Stats


Share live updates with friends

Using this score tracker app for tennis, users can create a web link that they can share their friends and family members and allow them to track the live score of the match. The weblink can bed accessed anywhere on the personal computer or laptop without any registration or login.

Share live updates feature in Game Set Stat app


Subscription for saving unlimited games

This tennis point tracker app allows players to purchase a subscription for saving an unlimited number of matches with detail information related to those games. Whether the player wants to save 10 or 100 of matches in the app, it will save the entire data on the cloud.

app subscription feature in Game Set Stat app

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